Homemade Laundry Soap

For the laundry room

Last night, I made a run to Wally World
and found the ingredients to
make my very own laundry soap.

Oh yea, watch out Martha Stewert! lol.
The powdered kind, not liquid.
From the recipe,
I added in Purex Crystals
to make the smell a little fresher.
Just because I like that.

Purex Crystals.
I used the blue one!
Smells so fresh and so clean.

Man, my house smells awesome
after mixing it all! haha.

Here goes nothing!
Let's see how well it does and how long it lasts!

Ready....set....laundry time!

Laundry Room Wall Sayings

thanks pinterest for the laundry sayings and recipe...


UPDATE (10/22/12): It works so WELL! Even hubs likes it. Oh yea. Score for savings and actuallyworking! Still So much left and we do alot of laundry for two people!

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