I have found two life missions today.
How have I missed these posts?

Well, I want to check off these babies:

Mission accepted. 
Life will be complete!
One cavity, one brain freeze at a time!

I think these might be up there with my Ralph's addition!!! 
Have you all been to Ralph's in NY & NJ before?
If not, stop what you are doing now. And go.
It won't dissappoint!

Thank you buzzfeed for this intense research.

The Sweetest Tooth aka Tee


Oh Capri!

You know when you see lots of quotes about 
how travel changes who you are and how you see things?
You wonder - really?

Well my blogging friends:
I absolutely, 100% agree with all of those wise tales.

It simply shows you beauty in ways 
you are not use to experiencing it. 
Travel shows you culture.
Embraces how others love their life.
How simple life can really be.
Tells stories of history like you ever seen [or read].

Our trip to Italy was amazing

We cannot wait to return.
We cannot wait to travel again. 
We cannot put into words what we experience.
Life. Travel. Love.
My new motto. HA!

Has anyone else been to the Isle of Capri in Italy? 

I just want to go back! 

The tiny town.
The beautiful water.
The grottos.
The boats.
The wine.
The views.

Italy stole a part of my heart, forever and ever.

Breathtaking, truly.
Can't wait to some day return to that beauty.


Simple Meal

Good morning blogging world!

Last night I whipped up some spaghetti and meatballs.
Something about that meal just makes everything right in the world.

Don't you agree?

Hope you have a happy hump day!


Ants in the Pants

I love the color black.

In my wardrobe, she rules.
She is slimming.
Works with most everything.
Dress on up.
Dress on down.
Outside, inside.

Black works for all things possible.

And I wear it all the time. 
All. the. time.

Classic, yes.
Trendy, can be.

Leading me to this topic...

As I am preparing for an 
amazing adventure with my better half,
As I embark on trying to be fancier
 for the new both work and out of work.
As I want to spice up my wardrobe...

I fancy these classics.

Yes oh yes I do.

These are the traveling pants, as I like to call them.
Like I mentioned above, an adventure is about to take place.
Airports, trains, buses, taxis.
Less wrinkles, 
Timeless look.
Sign me up.

Oh the work outfit. 
My classy cubicle would love this scalloped look. 

As would it love this one 
with the various ways 
one could dress up or make it casual. 

Please add all three to my closet
in the near and dear future of mine! 

Do you love the color black in your wardrobe?


Cozy Feet

This Florida girl is going to FREEZE tonight!

Any FSU fans out there?

We are heading to a local bar that mainly has seating outside. 
Makes sense, Florida is the Sunshine State. 
BUT tonight,
Tonight! Of all nights.
It is dropping to the 30sssssss.

Like I said, this girl is going to be frozen.

I am stocking up on my camp socks.
Love those babies.

Layering on up.
And hoping my beer keeps me warm 
as we cheer on a win for Florida State.

Happy Monday ya'll!


Ring it in!

Hope you are having the best holiday season thus far
2013 is closed with a smile 
as you ring in 2014 with a bang!

Thank you for reading!


Week 3 of 3

These past 3 weeks have
flown. by.


Weigh in will be in just 4 more days. 

Cross your fingers for me.

Cross your fingers for the 6 ladies who have been
heaven sent to me.
And I hope me for them!
It is hard to stay on track.
To live healthy.
To pick the right choices all of the time.
But it is okay to slip.
Just don't fall too much off the wagon.
That's the trick.

Here's to just a few more days until my next chapter.

Hang on lovelies!



Novemeber has been busy busy.

Blogger Events. Committee Meetings. Interviews. Site Visits.
Studying. Organizing. Planning for 2014.
Workouts. Healthy meals. 
Pinteresting (for blog pictures...need to learn photoshop!).

Not to mention...BIRTHDAYS!


One of my besties kicks off {our} celebration month. 
My lover boyfriend (aka my hubby) swings next.
Our beloved pup is this weekend...
And I finish the month strong right before Thanksgiving!

I love love love November. 
I think I love being busy too.
Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

the BF and I celebrate {our} Birthday dinner 
with his parents this weekend.
Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am that i love my in-laws?
Hands down the BEST feeling in the world.

Another lovely brewery is opening!
Recap soon. 
Maybe a brewery tour ofour little swanky town to come!

Weekend recap will be in full effect come Monday!

Go grab a book and a large cup of tea,
and relax this weekend, darling.
You simply deserve it.


Week 2 of 3

Week 1 Recap:

So far so good. 
Staying on path.
I do need to make much more healthier food choices.
But getting up and moving for 30 minutes and
walking the pup has been successful.
5 times a week.

Then enter the weekend.
But Monday rolled around and I was on fire!

I will take it!
Better than bad bad bad 7 days a week right?

So changes already taking place:
Smaller food portions.
Got to start somewhere.
And that is what I am focusing on.
It is hard.
Not going to lie.

What small changes can you make?



I am preparing for an interview. 
An interview with a panel at that.
Have you ever interiewed with a panel of 8 people before?
8 pair of eyes staring at you.
Feeling like they are judging you.

Talk about nerves. 
This may tie into my areas of improvement.
Those pesky weaknesses.

I am not one for public speaking. 
I am not one to answer random questions 
and come up with great responses on the fly.

Who knew so many Americans were!
And it has it's own name...Glossophobia.
Learned something new today!

Which got me thinking.
I need to change that.
I need to improve that quality.
I need to practice.
Speaking out loud.
Answering questions to groups.
Take advantage of any and every opportunity.

My anxiety kicked in quickly just thinking about it.

This girl loves to be behind the scenes.
Not in front.
Hello, I eloped for a reason!

You will be the year I start to conquer....
Public Speaking.

Where oh where can I get that motivation from?

Let me tell you a secret...
I have always dreamt of teaching 
an event course at a college.
[Remember I live for events]

But if I can't breathe in front of 8 interviewers...
How in the world will this girl 
get the courage to speak in front of 30 students.

What are some areas you can create more courage?
Do you have a weakness that can be worked on?
We all do. 
Let's tackle them together.


Target Practice

Another coupon saving techinque today!

I love Target.
Who doesn't?

I walk in, spend no less than $100.

Walk back to my car and say "What did I get?"
Do you do that?

Well, these little savings help in big ways.

5 cents is 5 cents! For each bag. 
Remember, you just bought $100 worth 
of stuff that requires more than one bag.

Second, have ya'll heard of Cartwheel.
Holy savings right there. Go sign up.

Then, mobile coupons. Whatttt. 

Sign up for that too.
Here's what they have going on right now...

Text OFFERS to 827-438 to get the following Target mobile coupons:

  • 20% off kids apparel items (excluding accessories, socks, underwear and shoes)
  • $3 off women’s apparel purchase of $15 + (excludes jewelry, accessories, shoes, intimates, hosiery and performance wear)
  • $3 off Men’s Mossimo Supply Co Apparel purchase of $15+ (excludes shoes)
  • 20% off slippers
  • $1 off 6pk of Up & Up Paper towels
  • $.50 off Cosmetic Cotton Item
  • $1 off 35ct+ Tide Pods
  • $1 off 7.5lb Tide Cats litter
  • $1.50/2 Milky Way or Snickers Stand Up bags
  • $.50 off 2 Mars single serve candy bars
  • $1 off Market Pantry Frozen Appetizer 7-32oz
  • $1 off market Pantry Family Size Frozen Meal
  • $2 off 2 Archer Farms Frozen Pizzas or Flatbread
  • $1 off Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen Meal
  • $2 off 40 4×6 photo prints
If you have the Target credit card, 
5% seems small but adds up quickly. 
I then walk myself over to the customer service desk 
and pay for what I just put on my credit card. 
Win - Win.

You can stack a manufacturer's coupon,
a Target coupon, AND a cartwheel coupon.
Three times the love for one product.
Whoo to the whooo!

Target savings. Small but worth it.


It's backkkkk

Tis' the season of cups!
The holidays have officially arrived. 
Just ask Starbucks.

Don't forget to keep them filled with these {sweet} offers...
Text JOY to 20757 to sign up for 
Starbucks Holiday Specials via text.


Week 1 of 3

Hello Blog Lovelies!

I am starting {today}
Week 1 of my 21 day Routine Challenge!

 I have 5 other ladies who are kicking up the challenge with me.
It's a little different this time. 
I am motivating 5 other ladies. 
One on one style. 
And in turn they are certainly motivating me. 
I. Am. Ready.
Change is the new me + you.

Here is what my Week 1 schedule will look like:

Workout Routine
[Monday - Friday]
6:30 - 7:30 a.m.
Program: T25 <-- have you heard of that? 
It's amazing. 
25 minutes to work your butt off. 5 minutes to strength.
I will also be adding in a 20 minute walk/jog 
with my pup to motivate him as well.

Food Routine
Breakfast: Shakeology (Almond Milk, Banana and Ice)
Snack: Hard Boiled Egg with an apple
Lunch: Grilled Chicken and steamed veggies
Snack: Grapes and Greek Yogurt
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad

Same but Dinner: Chicken Kabobs with Steamed Broccoli

My weak points:
{coke a cola classic}
Please be nice to be for the next 21 days.

Everyone reading this. 
Please hold me accountable.
I want to turn 30 knowing I tried my hardest this month.
Knowing I have a team behind me.
Knowing I helped shape 5 other friends as well.
And more of you with this blog. 

Here goes Week 1! 
I will check in later today to keep you on your toes!


Hold the Fridge.

A world in a whole other world.

I read the most intriguing blogs.
I day dream.
I plan amazing weddings.
I plan awesome fundraisers.

I love dinner parties.
I want to document life.
As fast as it goes.

I have all these {amazing} ideas!
I do!

But then I go to blog.
And it happens...

Hold the fridge. 

I get on with my day.
Ideas  start FLOWING!

What is going on.

Sorry I have been MIA.
Sorry I have been scatter brained.

I will return.
I plan to with good intentions.

It just may be, random.

That is what my blog is. 



TRUTH: I need your help.

So I have been thinking. 
{No it does not hurt}

November is here THIS WEEK

I am turning [30] in a few short weeks. 
Scary. Anxious. Nervous. Sad. 
Mixed feelings to say the least.

Thanksgiving will be here one day after my birthday.
Best. Holiday. Ever. Hands. Down.

And I need help motivating myself 
and in turn will help others

For 21 days. 
ONLY 21 days. 
Start a new rountine.

I am doing three things differently come November 4.
Come on, starting on a Monday is cake and helps keep me accountable. 

1. Eating more veggies and proteins and giving up on the starches. 
I will share my recipes, You can share yours too!

2. Kicking up my fitness to 25 mintues in the morning for 5 days (Monday - Friday). 
I will be doing a program called T25
You can head to your gym, 
run around your block, 
flip on the TV and 
do any fitness program. 
Your Choice!

3. Being more positive. Saying those kind words. Thinking positively.
Let's change the inner me too.  

Easy peasy. Right? 

I need help with this. 
Will 5 people join me? 

We will hold each other accountable.

A text in the morning.
An email checking in during the day.
A facebook message asking how it is going.
A weekly phone call.
A drive by (if you are close by).
Anything, yes anything to stay on task for 21 days.

I will help YOU too in the same measures or where your weakness comes in.
I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. friends style.
do you have that song in your head now?

This is what I need. 
Don't you need it too?

A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y.

There is no denying it. 
I need it and I am asking for help.
Your lovely faces help. <3 

Message me if you are up for it. 
taylor {dot} montgomery 3 {at} gmail {dot} com

No gimmicks. 
No tricks. *It is after Halloween on purpose*
Just me + you (and 4 others).
Getting in a rountine to make it stick. 
Becoming life friends. Aww so sweet!

Let's do this TOGETHER! 

Can't wait for this journey.
But I need your help.


Miley + AriZona Iced Tea

read it. it won't disappoint.

(Source) & (Source)

Thank you Jim Sterch.


Hello Life

Life is overwhelming at the moment. 
I cannot seem to catch my breath!

Lately I have been running around like a chicken who, you know, got its head cut off! 
I kind of don't like that statement but its true if you have ever watched it before!

Here is a summary of the last two + months:

August consisted of me heading back to school.
Why did I want to do this?
That is right, there is a reason for my madness....MONEY. ;)

September, well, I think because I am diving head first into 
well, everything, work got a little over zealous. 
And I felt a lot like this:

But it is October now. Hello October!

Two weeks in and it is looking bright! 
Be back to tell you more later.

Hope all is well with you lovelies.