To the Sea...

To the sea we went! 

Well, we do every weekend 
but to a different part of the Gulf this weekend.
Up North! 

Ha. Okay Okay, One hour away..
Still north though. 
Short skip up the state.

Hello Weeki Wachee. 
Home of the mermaids.
How fitting for our scalloping weekend!

Who out there has been scalloping?

What an experience!
I love it.
We started scalloping two years ago 
and now are obsessed.

This year, we rented a house in 
with some family friends.
The house was awesome.
Swimming Pool. Game Room. Dock.
Right on the river. Beautiful.

Even rope swings and slides into the river.
It had it all.
And I did not take one picture of the lovely abode. 
There was too much action going on!

And then the packing began...
Wednesday night was laundry loads!

I packed for the husband who is away on a trial 
so I packed his beach weekend bag 
for when he met us out there.

I also packed up sweet Sawyer's bag 
for grandma and grandpa's first sleepover!

And then I packed our drink cooler.
And then our food cooler.
And then our boat bag.
And then mine. 

And then loaded it all into the car with the pup.

Thursday - I dropped off Sawyer with the in-laws. 
They had a blast keeping him all weekend.
First sleepover = Success!
Thank goodness for them.

Friday - We loaded up the car, the paddle boards, 
the boat and headed off!
We arrived just before noon to the boat ramp 
and headed out for our first day of scalloping.
It was raining a bit but other than that, calm and flat!
Very few boats out on the water...
I guess everyone else was working ;) 

We traveled to a few spots and 
not the best of luck finding the little guys
but we had a blast being out there.

Something about the first day 
that brings so much excitement.
A storm was a brewing just south of us 
so we raced back in, just in time to miss it.

We made it to our little home,
unloaded the boat
 and cars and settled right in.

Our first night we grilled up 
some tenderloin, fresh scallops, 
roasted veggies and a strawberry salad.

After dinner we headed over to another
group of friends houses and said our hellos.

And just after midnight 
made our way back home 
and headed to bed for our 
full day on the water tomorrow!

Saturday - We all were up and at 'em 
what felt like the crack of dawn. 
But it was just a bit past 8 am! 
This girl is a lazy bum.

I got up and made everyone a TeeMcMuffin 
Egg, Candian Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, and English Muffin.
It definitely hit the spot. 
We got our sandwiches made 
and packed into the coolers. 
Loaded everything onto the boat.

Grabbed our sunnies, sunscreen, hats,
sun shirts, snorkle gear and hit the water.
Today = total scallop success.
They were everywhere. 

A bit of a dive, totalled about 8 feet deep.
I am scuba certified but my poor ears
just can't take the depth of any underwater adventure.
Yes even in the pool they hurt like crazy.

So I went down as many times I could but then thought
best to head up to the boat and get sunkissed.
Now that is Perfection.
Happy girl.

We headed back in after we reached our limit.
10 gallons is QUICK!

We did have one boat not stay with us..
To sum it up, a search party for a couple hours
and many cocktails later..
All is well.

Dinner consisted of scallops.
Fried and sauteed.
Mixed with a curry sauce.
I tried them. That was that. :)
And then had rice and a lovely mixed salad.

I am a lover of the adventure
but not a fan of eating seafood.
Wishing I was.

That night we went up to a local bar
danced with the live band
took a few to many shots
and then went home (2 blocks away).
So fun.

Our neighbors were jamming out,
so we decided to be friendly 
and see what was going on!
Must of been the shots making the shots!

Birthday parties for two family 
members were in full action.
50 and 17.
How random but so much fun!
Butt Bowling.
Ring Toss.
Jello Shots.
Dance Party.
Yes please!

We stayed there for a bit before
heading back to our place and
call it a night!

Sunday - slept in until about 9:30 a.m. 
Made everyone a TayMcMuffin 
and then packed up all our stuff, 
jumped on the boat back to the ramp.

Grabbed an watermelon icee 
for the way home.

It was BEAUTIFUL out. 

Unloaded the truck and boat.
Loaded my car back up.
Headed home.
Unloaded my car.
Then went to pick up the pup.

Spent the rest of Sunday relaxing!

Scalloping 2013 was a complete success.
Until next year...


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