Ants in the Pants

I love the color black.

In my wardrobe, she rules.
She is slimming.
Works with most everything.
Dress on up.
Dress on down.
Outside, inside.

Black works for all things possible.

And I wear it all the time. 
All. the. time.

Classic, yes.
Trendy, can be.

Leading me to this topic...

As I am preparing for an 
amazing adventure with my better half,
As I embark on trying to be fancier
 for the new both work and out of work.
As I want to spice up my wardrobe...

I fancy these classics.

Yes oh yes I do.

These are the traveling pants, as I like to call them.
Like I mentioned above, an adventure is about to take place.
Airports, trains, buses, taxis.
Less wrinkles, 
Timeless look.
Sign me up.

Oh the work outfit. 
My classy cubicle would love this scalloped look. 

As would it love this one 
with the various ways 
one could dress up or make it casual. 

Please add all three to my closet
in the near and dear future of mine! 

Do you love the color black in your wardrobe?


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