Oh Capri!

You know when you see lots of quotes about 
how travel changes who you are and how you see things?
You wonder - really?

Well my blogging friends:
I absolutely, 100% agree with all of those wise tales.

It simply shows you beauty in ways 
you are not use to experiencing it. 
Travel shows you culture.
Embraces how others love their life.
How simple life can really be.
Tells stories of history like you ever seen [or read].

Our trip to Italy was amazing

We cannot wait to return.
We cannot wait to travel again. 
We cannot put into words what we experience.
Life. Travel. Love.
My new motto. HA!

Has anyone else been to the Isle of Capri in Italy? 

I just want to go back! 

The tiny town.
The beautiful water.
The grottos.
The boats.
The wine.
The views.

Italy stole a part of my heart, forever and ever.

Breathtaking, truly.
Can't wait to some day return to that beauty.


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