Ankles. Ankles. Ankles.

We all have them. We all take them for granted. Especially when you realize how special and unique they really are...

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Jay was playing a softball game last week and slide straight into the second base. Yes, he did get a double, yes it was the beginning to a great game until his foot slammed so hard into the base his knee didn't have time to react and bend. BAM. That hurt. Too much to place pressure on it. Too much to walk on it. What to do now? Well, send in a runner and see if he could shake it off of course!

Well, that didnt happen. Jay was out of the game, sitting on the sidelines cheering on his team until the end. Close game, but not close enough. Bummer.

Sprains and strains
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This is the most swollen foot I have ever seen (and I forgot to take pictures!). Thankfully, it is his left ankle and he could drive home and hop inside to the couch where nurse (Tee) can take good care of him and get him back into the game. Well, that game will be waiting a few weeks. The Xrays confirmed no broken bones, just a very severe sprain. Crutches for this guy for awhile, while the ankle that is so prescious and we take for granted, heals. Week one has passed and still super swollen and painful he tells me. Jay is getting better (maybe stronger?) with his crutches and moving around when needed. Besides that, the couch is his best friend for a while. I will keep you up to date on his progress until then...prayers are needed for a speedy recovery as much as possible!

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