Tee's Closet Wish Addition

I am a huge fan of rain boots. And I have had my eye had a pair that will last most likely longer than me. I just haven't had a chance to go and buy them (a little out of the budget) but I love how they have socks that go with them to keep your feet warm. Traveling buddy these are! jay...birthday gift? Christmas? Wink, Wink! Teehehehe!

Introducing the orginial, the famous, the never grow old ...Hunter Rain Boots:

Hunter 'Original Tall' Rain Boot (Women)
I like the black original tall rain boot but I also love the dark purple and dark green.

Hunter 'Basketweave' Socks
Basketweave Socks

Hunter 'Welly' Cabled Cuff Socks
Welly Cabled Cuff Socks

Hunter 'Welly' Zebra Print Socks
Of course the zebra socks!

<3 In love.


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