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dream list

December is here. All the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping is in full forth now. I am one of those people who have my gift ideas already ready to go BUT I cannot go and get them because I am also one of those who cannot WAIT to give it to that person, and yes I am like this for all celebrations. I have it all ready to go wrapped and then it just sits there? No way Jose. I want to run with it and give it to the person with the biggest smile on my face! And wait for them to tear into it and hope they have just as big of a smile when they open it as I do. I love gifts. I love giving them, the thought process of why I picked it out for them, the wrapping of the gift and giving it to them and WOWING them. I love it all.

Wrapping presents
Don't get me wrong, I love recieving gifts too. And especially the ones that are complete surprises for no reason at all gifts, that is a WOW factor! So it got me thinking this weekend when my lovely in laws asked what would you like for Christmas. Now that is a hard question. What would I like for Chrsitmas. So I thought I would just blog about some realistic and not so realistic items that I have come across and thought I would really like that! Why are all the pretty things so expensive? I tamed it down so you all weren't like, holy smokes! Hold on to your hats, here we go!

First up:

 The Silhouette Cameo with all its goodies, there are so many goodies! I love labels (love is an understatement), I love cards. I love making them handmade and this little fella makes it a whole lot easier. It's amazing!

Decorating Utensils:
 I haven't dove into making cookies and decoring just yet, I think I am a bit nervous but I love making cake pops so I have been more and more interested into getting in touch with my bakers side!

Coupler Rings in the different sizes for the Wilton bottles
Decorating Tips!
Decorating Bottles
Cookie Cutters
Decorating Tip #1MDecorating Tip #2AAteco Coupler
8-ounce Squeeze Bottle with CouplerWilton CouplerDecorating Tip Pouch- 2 pack

My front entrance is missing something and I think that this 5 drawer dresser would work perfectly in the area, I have my drawers already planned out, add a pretty lamp, and a picture of my family  ...so i bring you Kullen from Ikea!

KULLEN Chest with 5 drawers, black-brown Width: 27 1/2 " Depth: 15 3/4 " Height: 43 7/8 "  Width: 70 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 112 cm

Now another idea I had from Ikea was for our bedroom, acting somewhat like a nightstand by adding a shelf and then attaching a lamp to make both sides of the bed unison and beautiful. Then adding our monogram above them each. These two are a little pricey though.

MALM 6-drawer chest, black-brown, mirror glass Width: 15 3/4 " Depth: 19 1/8 " Height: 48 3/8 "  Width: 40 cm Depth: 48.5 cm Height: 123 cm

Personalized Square Tray, monogrammed with our last name.
Personalized Square Tray - Black and Pink Zebra

I, of course, would like an iPad2 but the hubs says I dont need one. I think I would blog more. Might be true, but my laptop is dying (truly it is) so maybe a MacBook Air? I still love the iPad2 though. Santa, do you hear me???

In white. She is a beauty.

And I love the MacBook Air. This girl is dreammmming in 13 inches!

Product Image
I think I will leave you with those thoughts, maybe the next list my camera will be on there ;)
happy tuesday, tuesday


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