Date day struck again...I just love Sunday Fundays!
However you look at it:
Starting the week off with a fun day with my babe or
ending a usually crazy busy week with my babe, its perfect.
See the similarity? Hint: My babe ;) hehe.

{sunday funday}

I love horses.
Grew up riding them with my seester and my mom.
Watching my mom go on fox hunts, loved every minute of it.

Just being around horses has this grace and beauty.

Enter in the game of polo.
The kind with horses. Not water polo!

Taken by my lovely iPhone

My babe is a lover of all things sports.
ALL sports, for the most part.
So I thought to myself what better way to spend our Sunday Date Day but to get dressed up and head south to watch a match.
Win for me.


My hat (this exact one) is calling my name to be ordered and
I am ready to don it!

Come to find out, the hubs has never seen a match! Score!

Off to the Sarasota Polo Club we go!
What beautiful fields they have just 45 minutes south.
I was in heaven.
(major pet peeve...jeans at a polo match but that's another topic with etiquette)!

Polo match anyone

Who is ready for a polo match at King Family Vineyard?

Families gathered, young and old.
Tailgates were going...grills, publix bags, super chefs and moms.

Polo Match Tailgate

Sarasota Polo Club has themed tailgates for each season and yesterdays was:
Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras

We saw purple, green and yellow Oh My!
Tailgate areas decorated to win the contests.
Everyone was just having a blast.

The only down side: The lovely Hurricane like winds and small rain showers.
As you can see my my picture above!

Still, it was a wonderful event.

Until the next Sunday match...


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