NYC...Here We Come!

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The hubster and I have booked our tickets!
Count finally has begun...21 days and we are heading to the big apple!

I have not been to NYC since high school for the Macy's Day Parade, so this trip is exciting to see and be a part of NYC's night life and still be a tourist!

We have a packed agenda, of course, but with the best tour guides the city could offer (hubby's bff and his amazing girl!) we are so excited to spend time with them in their hometown!
I know my agenda is a tad bit different then the hubs (wink wink) buuuuuut we will compromise I am sure!

Not to give away all we will be doing (as usual there will be a picture collage when we return) but here are a

Few to do's on my list:

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 Stroll with my hubby through Central Park

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Cannot wait to do a Gossip Girl Tour ;)
First thing, among many, of the compromising..hehehe!

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Go to a Live! with Kelly taping!!
Crossing my fingers, tickets requested.

Times Square
Hang out in Times Square for a photo opp.
Like Smash without the singing.

New York BroadwayBroadway New York
See a broadway show.

“Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.”
- Dr.Suess

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