New York in A Hot Minute we go!

First stop...LIVE! with Kelly. Oh yeah!

Woke up VERY early but not as early as 5 others...guess I am not the only die hard fan ;)

How cool is this, it was right next to little ol' me.

First taping of LIVE! with co-host NPH. Love her face expressions. :)

Hubs and I at LIVE! with Kelly :)

Lucky enough to see TWO tapings of LIVE! with Kelly and Chris Rock was on the show promoting Madagascar 3...didnt take any convincing when hubster saw who was on the guest list to stay!

Strolling through Central Park with my love...

Breathtaking architectures...

Perfect time to travel to NY and be at the Yankee Stadium
is when they are playing the TAMPA BAY RAYS!!!

Hubster and I waiting for the subway!

Free ferry ride and perfect view of the Statue of Liberty, perfect for this pair of tourists!

Hello memorial towers. <3

Top of the Rock view of Central Park..just lovely. I could live in NYC. Yes, yes I could.

Hubs had NEVER been to Times Square, so we have to show him what it looked like in real life.
Yep, still the choas is always is.

Scouting out the high line (totally awesome thought) and snapped a picture perfect view of NYC streets.
Yes, this is a picture I took! Gorgeous right?

NJ beach view, beautiful day it was!

Frozen Russian Vodka Room!

The gretaest most geniune friends one could EVER ask for!

Train ticket and on to Belmont....chug a chug a chug a chug chooo choo!!! 

Belmont Park!

Pretty horses...

And they are off!

Dressed up and having a ball at Belmont. I like betting...and winning!

We had a wonderful time in New York, exploring and hangin gout with greta friends.
Thank you hubs for lifetime memories.


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