People Dedicated to Quality!

What a name. 
As we know, i am a lover of good food but 
good service surpasses my heart even if the
food is not the best I have ever tasted. 

PDQ is just that. 
The name says it all.

They just opened one in St. Petersburg and 
I attended the Chamber's ribbon cutting ceremony. 
What great management providing hand shakes and 
fun knowledge about their home away from home
As we know, our careers have way more one on one time then our actual home.

They  have a hand washing station in the middle of the restaurant!
it is for EVERYONE, workers included to continue to have clean hands.

All of their items are fresh, no freezers in the whole joint!
Made me wonder how their milkshakes are made...
I will have to return and ask that stay tuned!

Hand Spun Shakes

I tried their chicken fingers and blueberry coleslaw. 
Yes, Blueberries!

I did, however, hear the apple slices with toffee dipping 
were a HUGE hit so those are on my to do next list.
I think I am getting hungry!

Their dipping sauces were my fave. 
They are homemade!
Seeing a trend yet?

I tried the sweet heat and creamy garlic - 
dip dip my chicken and perfection in my mouth!

Here are the other choices:
HOMEMADE SAUCES (choice of one)
Honey Mustard, Sweet Heat, Chipotle BBQ, Creamy Garlic, Ranch.

I will be trying them all.

Head out and try it today
 as I know you will not be disappointed.

Let me know what you think!


p.s. pictures taken from PDQ's website. 

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