Runners: Are they trending?

Everywhere I look these days
there is another race coming to town.
Talk about cha-ching.

5k. 10k.
Fun runs. Mud runs. Glow runs.


Me, no sadly I am not a runner.
I cannot breathe when I try. And boy have a tried.
I like trends and I would perfer to live a healthy lifestyle.
But I do not think that is the way I will succeed in doing so.
I have always done short distances in track growing up.
More then a mile, call the doctor!


I ask this question as I feel it is a growing trend.
Yes a healthy one, but still a trend.

Is everyone now a runner?

Is it a weight loss plan? Is it a maintance for health?
Or is it just a cool thing to do?


I am totally up for:
Making a tu-tu, grabbing some colored socks,
calling my friends to have a fun time bright and early!
But again, I will be walking most of that 5k.

Just Run

And getting that FREE tshirt was totally worth it, right?
Just what I need, another tshirt!
Maybe a medal was even in store!

I do however LOVE watching the sky brighten up in the early morning.
It is probably because I am NEVER up that early.
Ha. That's another task.

Do you run?

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