Today is my FOURTH wedding anniversary.
Wow has four years just flown by.

This layout would make a  cute wedding / anniversary card using the SU owl punch! |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

We celebrate traditionally and surprise each other with thoughtful gifts.
Have you ever read Five Love Langusages?
Definitely worth the read. In fact, I may re-read it soon.

Five Love Languages

My love language is gifts. Hands down.
I like love to be spoiled. Every day if that were possible.

Small things are just as great.
Flowers from Publix on the way home.
Text messages throughout the day - electronic love notes.
Encouraging morning messages.
Dinner planned, floors swept, dog washed.
Car washed.
Dished washed.
I think I love to have things washed and shiny like new! LOL!

But since it comes few and far between.
I get excited for holidays and celebrations.

This year was:

Well, that is an easy one for a husband!
But what husband whats fruits and flowers?
Definitely, not my manly man.

So I put on my thinking cap.


Beer Sign

Is this always the answer? Hahaha.
Every man loves beer.
And my is no exception to this.

SO I stopped at a Rally,
where craft beers are made and looked for a fruity floral one.
Perfect, found one.
Well, I got a little more creative and
stopped at the fruit stand on my way back from Rally.
Picked up some oranges, apples, pears, lemons and limes.
I was going for pretty colors.
And I made a fruit bouquet attached to the floral beer.
High five.
OH and I ordered his own fruit and flowery beer making kit.
It is in the making...I will like you know the verdict in about 2 months.

Pinned Image

Did I mention I like love to spoil my man
just as much as I like it myself?

You make my heart smile...

Happy 4th Anniversary to my amazing husband.
Who is kind and gentle.
Loving with his actions and words.
Funny, clever and a great side kick on this journey of life.
Thank you for all you do year round for us.
You bring so much joy and smiles.
Love celebrating with you!



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