Happy Heart Day!

Truth be told,
Valentine's is my absolute favorite holiday of the year
(then it is my birthday, in case you wanted to know).
You may be able to tell the theme is that I love to be spoiled.
If everyday was a possiblity I would love that.
Surprises, love notes, gifts, treats, the whole nine yards.

Now, as one might ask...Why is this my FAVORITE day?

When I was a wee little one,
my daddy sent me flowers from the day I could remember on this day.
Something that would just make me smile ear to ear.
So thoughtful and made me feel so special!
We would have a lovely family dinner where we would all help and
 just be funny and silly, together.

As time went on, my daddy would still send flowers and
make sure to hug a little tighter each growing year.
Boom. I was hooked.
He had set the stone for the boys men to enter into my life.

Hubby has known this fact from the very beginning and has been just as swet from my very first valentine from him to today's.
I love that there is a day that everyone remembers to be that extra does of loving.
As daily life gets in the way and no matter how much we try to be just as loving, we sometimes overlook that. Today, is the day we remember and remember that we fell in love for a reason and to cherish those memories.

That's, my friends, the reason why today is my FAVORITE.
Now, if you are single. Or even with someone.
Today is for you as well.

Love yourself - head to the gym. Cook yourself your favorite meal.
Splurge on a present, made just for you.

And if you are anything like me,
spoil that other person with so much love and
make memories that will last a lifetime.
Friend. Mom. Dad. Sibling. Partner.

Do it for love.

Happy Heart Day my dears!

Fun Love Facts about Valentine's Day to read, thanks to pinterest:

Have any plans tonight?
I am cooking and baking for my love.
I love that he loves I try to be a housewife!


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