Don't these look amazing???
They are Cider and Donut cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes. Yum-o-yum!

When I return from my trip my office will be my test tasters of these, yes even you, my dear friend and co-worker (wink wink), Rini who does not like cupcakes and I think you are strange but with love of course. Evil laugh. You will like CUPCAKES!!!

Recipe borrowed from MegaBite !

Will you try to make these???



  1. Those look AMAZING! I will definitely be trying these, but with a little twist, as the flour and sugar will be replaced with coconut flour and stevia. Yay for baking recipes that I don't have to make too many changes to! :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Ok so looking at the frosting and the donuts, it may take a bit more finesse to maintain the integrity of the yumminess, but alas, I will be victorious. And report my results. :)