Nautical Bridal Shower

My beautiful younger sister is getting married!  A couple weekends ago, I was beyond thrilled to be able to throw her a bridal shower to help her get prepared for married life.  This will be her only bridal shower (she’s having a smallish wedding) so I definitely wanted to go all out and make her feel like the beautiful princess that she is.

The bridesmaids were such a big help also! We hosted the shower at one of the bridesmaids parents home on the water. SUCH. A . BEAUTIFUL. HOME. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. R for letting us crash your home.

My future brother in law is in the Navy. And I thought what better theme then Nautical. Whipped up an navy and yellow and ran with the theme. I found so many ideas guessed it pinterest. I am a thinker of creativity but not a do-er of creativity. I said it. I am coming to terms with this.

(Took out that personal info stuff ;) )

Fortunately for this I have many talented people in my life to extend a helping hand too! Same bridesmaid that offered the home is super creative. Super talented. Super sweet. So off I went to ask her to do a few things for the shower if she could.

Napkin rings we made with rope. So darling.

A hand painted canvas with a ship acted as the guest book where all guests took their thumbprint and wrote their name. Now the bride to be can frame it and place it in her home as art and a wonderful memory.

The tables were beautiful with navy tableclothes and white daisies with some boat ropes to tie in the theme.

Along with the invitation, I included a little card asking everyone to bring a pair of running shorts for the groom. As he is a runner. But also in honor of our daddy. He wore running shorts everywhere except on court days where he wore his suit for the lease possible time needed. Not only were they running shorts they were the brightest color and the shortest possible, as our dad always mention...He had nice legs. Yes, daddy you sure did!

As guest brought the shorts in we hung them on a rope that was across the room to surprise the bride to be! We hung pictures of dad wearing the running shorts as well as others can see what we were talking about. As teary eyed as I tried not to be, she loved it. And loved that we included something in for the groom.

 The food was wonderful! Filled with snacks glore! Labels were placed so everyone knew what they were enjoying! I brought the most moist and yummy Publix cupcakes atopped with blue and yellow frosting. We stunk little cut out anchors in them to decorate the theme in the food.

Now onto the fun part...GAMES!
We played a few. Man, it looked like everyone was having so much fun. We greeted the guests with the traditional "Can't say the" and gave everyone a bracelet. If you did that person lost her bracelet...the person at the end with the most bracelets WINS. So fun to see that in action.

Then next game was an ice breaker to get everyone talking to each other, we named it "Famous Couples" . We placed a sticker on everyone's back and they had to ask Yes or No questions to guess who they were. We had Adam and Eve, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Aladdin and Jasmine, you get the picture. Now that was funny with the questions!

We played Love Bingo where I asked the bride and groom to send me 10 facts about each of them. I placed those facts on an index card and numbered the card! The guests all got a paddle that one side said Bride and the other Groom. I asked a question and the guests raised their paddle and guessed who it would be. Like...this person has been skydiving. :) If they get it right they place a chip on their bingo card. It turned out to be great, so many laughs and reallys and wow!

And the traditional toliet paper wedding dress game...SUCH A GREAT TEAM GAME!!! Wonderful dresses were made complete with veils and bouquets! :)

<---The Winners!!!
We also played the spice game. This one is hard. But nevertheless fun to watch people team up and try and figure it out. Good times.

The bride then opened her lovely and thougthful gifts. While doing this, we passed out another game that each person does individually. Shower Mad Libs. This turned out so much better than I thought. Everyone was so creative and had us all laughing while the bride opened her gifts!

Shower libs

Brittany’s Bridal Shower
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wedding Advice For The Bride-To-Be

One of the bridesmaid placed together a cute and thought favor...Clinique Cosmetic Bags with a little note attached to a ring pop as the groom to be placed the engagement ring inside the bride to be's bag before leaving on a trip back home! Attached was an anchor charm instead of the C. So cute!

What a great time with new friends and families merging together. I have to say that is the best feeling.

Congratulations Bee. I love you with all my heart and hope you enjoyed your shower. I am so excited for you and Lo and cannot wait for the invitation to your dinner parties. Hehehe.



  1. you are the best! thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxo

  2. Pleased to see this unique bridal shower. We are planning a grand reception party for my brother in law at one of the exotic wedding venues in NYC next month. Have bought awesome outfits for the couple to surprise them. Hope the party is enjoyed by everyone.