Fun Snail Mail

I love getting snail mail. Have I mentioned that? Well...I love sending it also!


Other fabulous news, I love Events and Weddings. Who knew? ;)

One of my dearest girlfriends is getting married in 9 days!
And what other fun way to get excited about it then to send mail!

My beautiful friend and her fiance! Yes this is cake...thank you very much Publix!

About 3 months before her big day, I put together a package of candy in bunches of 15! She is getting married on the 15th of the month...I know I thoughtful :)

Have you been to Sweet Cheeks Candy & Beauty Bar? Awesome. Yep. It is!

Within the last month, I sent her a ball. Yes, a ball. One directly in the mail. FUN MAIL. It weighs less than 13 ounces. You can mail it! It was to help destress and produce laughter :)! Hope it succeeded!

Picture to prove it.

So much fun. I love it.
What could I send to my next friend??? :)
Have you sent anything FUN in the mail???


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