Arm Candy

yes, yes yes i am obsessed to say the least with bracelets.
arm candy as i call it.
lately with all things gold.
to do:branch out into the color wheel asap. lol.

some food for thought :)

            ::today's arm::                                       ::yesterday's arm::

and onto my latest cravings....

Pinned Image
::loving the pinks::

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::again with the pink...the sweet one::

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::look at this pink beauty::

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::want to add to my watch collection pronto, digging the mint::

::never in my lifetime but to just gaze - cartier love bracelet, all time FAVE::

and the next three photos are taken from the
best stella and dot director's facebook page, enjoy...

Photo: Feeling a little bad ass today! This is my arm party combo. Luxor link, Harlow bangle, Renegade in gold, and the black double wrap bracelet (the one that started my Stella & Dot career)! How are you expressing yourself today? Thanks for all the arm party pics. Keep
Photo: Love the colors!

::love shopping for arm candy::
what's your favorite pieces to wear??


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