Pet Peeves to Volunteering...

I had the plasure of volunteering my Sunday for a non-profit organization and I really do LOVE volunteering my time. 

A little background, I am an event planner. I love all things that go into fabulous events, any size. I also understand things go wrong and adjustments are made.

Hey, we are human right?

That being said....I want to comment on being a "volunteer" for the evening. This runs a little into my overall opinion of volunteering, but these are just for this event in particular. Maybe the others came shining through but.....stay with me on this one!

This above statement is so true in every aspect of any organization. Volunteers are vital. Literally, vital for any event, even office work and phone calls are so important to any organization to succeed.

Annnnnnd we are off!

Pet peeve numbero uno: NO direction. "Let's go over here and greet people"...yes all 40 of you. Just stand there so they cannot get through you. Smart.

Numbero Dos: When a question arises, the "supervisors" who are suppose to be near by with all the answers are....enjoying the event with a drink in hand. Classy. Way to lead by example.

Tres: Scheduled breaks. Now, explaining to a volunteer when their break is, that is not the hard part. The part that gets under my skin is 5 minutes before the break the volunteer is whining. They are so tired, need to sit down. But when its time to come back to their shift...long gone! Seems to forgot that there is another person who needs a break and they are waiting for you.

This is like an extra piece of three: When they do arrive back from their they are so full and sleepy they cannot listen to a word you say to take over your spot.

Onto Quatro: Standing around like we are so unhappy to be there when the guests are exiting. Again when the "supervisors" have complained they are tired and want to go home...volunteers react the same way. Solution: Just might as well leave as more harm will not be done then. All of us have been on our feet, honey.

Those are the major ones. Minor things like read what they asked you to wear and bring in with you are just a gimme.

I do have positives that is why I still volunteer my heart out. I think I just get picky as time goes on. Also, it helps with my volunteers and if we are over staffed...thanks for coming!

I am off my soapbox! :)

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Enjoy your day!


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