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I love formal dinners. I love hosting formal dinner parties. Setting the table, in my opinion, is my favorite part in getting ready for a formal get together. Be it the holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or just your best friends or parents are coming over to see you! 

Personally, my tablescape is what sets the tone for the evening. You can bring colors into it with flowers, confetti, name plates, placemats, and of course the china and silverware!

Don't hyperventalate! It is FUN! I promise and the more you do it, even for just dinner with the hubs. You will become a pro in no time!

A saying always to remember...set the silverware on the table in the order that it will be used, from the outside in.

I was searching through pictures on my computer but you know pinterest's pictures are just so much brighter and clearer (since I use my Blackberry for a camera!) I just used diagrams from the best source out there, again in my opinion!

Here we go! Some inspiration to begin:

Onto the lesson! A little diagram to help settle those on going thoughts... its okay to print it out to help set the table! Do it. Your guests will be impressed. Promise.

A helpful sentence....The first course fork will be placed the farthest to the left of the plate and the first course knife will be the farthest to the right. Place any spoons (and appetizer forks) that will be used before dessert to the right of the knives. Dessert utensils should always be placed horizontally above the dinner plate, this includes coffee!

Make sure all stemware that will be used during dinner is preset on the tablescape. The water glass sits to the right of the plate while, just above the knife.
Wineglasses should be set to the right of the water glass.
Couple more photos to help visualize:
Isn't that fun?! Will you be hosting a rendenovous soon?
Do send pictures of your dinner parties!


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