[House of Manners] Thank You Cards

THANK YOU. Yes, you.
I think I have mentioned this but I LOVE LOVE LOVE recieving snail mail. Love it. And I LOVE sending snail mail. My mother always had us write thank you cards that day or the morning after we recieved any gift. No matter the size or who it was from, be it from my sister or even my mom.
I am glad to this day (not so much back then) that she had us do that. Teaching a small amount of gratitude goes further than childhood.

It is such an elegant touch to any occassion.

Rule of Thumb:
They are an absolute MUST after recieving a gift.
Please send no more than two weeks after.
Only exception: Wedding gifts (since you are on your honeymoon a little extra time is allotted but no more than a month).

Striped Thank You Cards
thank you cardscool thank you cardsBaby Thank you cards using #PTI Bundle of Love
thank you cards?

Personalize those beautiful cards to your personality, your initials, your new initials, your party theme, anything!
Own your thank you card and make it unique and heartfelt.

Blank Thank You Cards
xoxo- Tee

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