I am preparing for an interview. 
An interview with a panel at that.
Have you ever interiewed with a panel of 8 people before?
8 pair of eyes staring at you.
Feeling like they are judging you.

Talk about nerves. 
This may tie into my areas of improvement.
Those pesky weaknesses.

I am not one for public speaking. 
I am not one to answer random questions 
and come up with great responses on the fly.

Who knew so many Americans were!
And it has it's own name...Glossophobia.
Learned something new today!

Which got me thinking.
I need to change that.
I need to improve that quality.
I need to practice.
Speaking out loud.
Answering questions to groups.
Take advantage of any and every opportunity.

My anxiety kicked in quickly just thinking about it.

This girl loves to be behind the scenes.
Not in front.
Hello, I eloped for a reason!

You will be the year I start to conquer....
Public Speaking.

Where oh where can I get that motivation from?

Let me tell you a secret...
I have always dreamt of teaching 
an event course at a college.
[Remember I live for events]

But if I can't breathe in front of 8 interviewers...
How in the world will this girl 
get the courage to speak in front of 30 students.

What are some areas you can create more courage?
Do you have a weakness that can be worked on?
We all do. 
Let's tackle them together.


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