[Deal Alert] Address Labels

Have you head of Vistaprint? Well, its a great little online shop that prints all kinds of things. Like business cards, invitations, labels, rubber stamps, etc!

The personalized labels are back on sale!!! For $3 you will get 140 labels...you can design them however you would like for addresses, property labels, back to school teacher gifts!

I just made the cutest (Jay would disagree that labels can be cute) return address labels! We were running low from the last batch I ordered so perfect timing to order. I get so excited for useful products for so darn cheap.

Verdict on the Design: Cute or "Just a Label"???
(The real one does include our info)

Will you be ordering any?

Here's how:
  • Go here and register/log in
  • Under Industry (along the top toolbar) select Education and Childcare if you want to make the personalized teacher labels. You’ll find all the other label designs by category here as well.
  • Design your label and add it to your cart
  • Be very careful not to add anything else to your cart and select no to all offers. I’ve found that after I add the labels to my cart that I can click on cart in the top right corner and skip all the offers.
  • I highly recommend that you pay for your order with Paypal to make sure you never see any additional charges on your credit card bill (it’s rare but it can happen; I always use Paypal)

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