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Housewife I use loosely; as this weekly post will be for anyone out there. Everyone needs to eat. Everyone {should} clean. Thursdays are devoted to that precisely! Learn a little about my everyday and what I would like to accomplish!

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Today...meal planning. Wow. I know it sounds a bit old school but it really does work! I found a great worksheet from a blog called Anything but Perfect...confession: I read weekly checking to see what she has done recently! She is an an awesome blogger and so so creative and puts lots of her things on her blog FREE to download. How sweet is she?! The monthly calendars are just the right does of color and fun that I love looking at and figuring out my month!

Back to the meal planning....this is how I do my families meals. It works for me. Try it and tweak whatever to help your families!

To start planning out meals, I head over to another favorite site iheartpublix to see upcoming deals, this site is AMAZING..the time it takes to write up all the deals and coupons..thank heavens for her! I also look into another blog called 5 Dinners. This site plans out meals on one day for the entire week to grab and make that day, WOW! Time saver thank you very much. 

At this point, I have great ideas for meals and I scribbe them down on my weekly sheet...each meal and snack. Helpful to place in snacks so you snack healthier..not vending machine style. Every week I set a day to plan (Sundays or Wednesdays are typically devoted to this) to see what I have and make out a grocery list. Pull out recipes and make the snack packs. 

The hardest part in my meal planning is...Jay does not like veggies. Sad, I know. He does garden...and grow veggies for his darling wifey. How it works for us is he has a little more whatever else that meal while I have a veggie. And that veggie I have for a few days...as it is hard to prepare for one serving. I do make salads as he will eat some of that (lettuce, cheese and dressing...not as healthy as a salad sounds lol). Just a little bump on the road of meal planning!

Have you guys checked out the new food pyramid? I think I like it much more then the old style! Thoughts???

You can check out more on the USDA website.


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