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Oooo french!
For all the english speaking readers...RSVP (means please respond). This is one topic that lights me on fire.... Only becuase I feel as if it is disrespectful to the host. I live try to live on manners every single day (this is no easy task, FYI.). 

Responding to any type of invitation is just the simple way of thanking the host! They went through planning the event (making preparations, inviting guests, food, etc). It might be grabbing drinks or lunch. It might be formal or informal. It might be a small group or a large group of people. People you know or don't know every well. The fact of the matter is...it is still an invitation. No matter if it is a Yes or a No...respond.
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Reading through my Bible (Emily Post Etiquette)...I notice a variety of parties. All forms of communication can be used with an invitation as well as the response! In Person, On the Phone, Email, Facebook, Evite, Paper Inviations...the list can go on.

To name a few types:
Anniversary Party
Child's Party
Dinner Party
Graduation Party
Open House

I google everything. Yep..everything just to make sure to check it out see what others have to say..just because my generation "googles" probably! lol.

Researching so many articles I should of just stopped at the first few... ehow has the best recap with easy peasy instructions. 5 steps...everyone can do 5 steps, right?

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See below or visit their page!

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Invitation
  • Telephone, computer or appropriate means of contacting someone
    • 1
      Read the invitation. The host should have a telephone number, email address or some instructions on how to reply to the invitation. Less formal events typically note the RSVPs at the bottom of the invitation. Real formal events send a self-addressed, stamped RSVP card for you to answer and return via U.S. Mail.
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      Respond to electronic RSVPs, too. As the world is becoming more "e" based, many invitations are sent using electronic software such as Hallmark or Evite.com. It saves on stamps and is almost a guarantee the person will get it. Electronic emails arrive faster and allows you to answer the RSVP with a click of the reply button. If the host desires, e-invitation system will show you who plan to attend the party and have RSVP'd.
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      Pay strict attention to the deadline. The host will set the deadline for the RSVP a couple of days before the event. It is important that you adhere to this because party preparations are made based on the number of RSVP responses received. The caterer need to be notified and many require a 24 hour notice. Don't wait until the day of the event and show up. That is poor etiquette and just plain rude.
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      If the invitation says "Regrets Only", you only need to RSVP if you cannot attend the event. Otherwise, the host has already counted you in. Remember to contact the host if you cannot attend.
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      Do not answer yes to the RSVP and fail to show up. Only a matter of serious illness or death should keep you away. It is bad etiquette and rude to RSVP stating you will attend and not show up.
I leave saying this...no matter your response...just give one! Just do it!

just do it.
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Peace. Love. Seeya!

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