NEW! Posting Topics

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To begin a plan for next week and so forth. I am going to to try a few topics and see what works and doesn't...

Some Weekly Topics:

[Word of the Week]
Define and Use.
Totally going to try TRY try to use the word somehow all week. In this blog and in real life!
 [House of Manners]
 Reminders and Teachings of modern twisted etiquette.
Keeping you on your toes and well mannered at any point in time!
 [Party Inspirations]
 Self explanatory! :)
 [Modern Day Housewife] 
Homemade (semi homemade) meals for Jay and I; recipes and couponing; cleaning

Other Topics:
Topics will always change but a few to keep you intrigued..

Reviewing a restaurant (mostly local unless we are on vacation or something!)
[Deal Alerts]
 fabulous deals I find that I want to share with you all!
[Good Books]
My kindle (Mason is its name) is my best friend...and we are together alot..
I will be sharing my reads!
[Sewing 101]
Learn with me!
Various items that I crave..yes..CRAVE! lol.
Pictures most likely from Pinterest..its the best. EVER.

I am so excited about these new postings! Hope you are too!

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