[Word of the Week] \groh-TESK\

Happy Monday everyone! This week's word is again coming to you from Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. 


  • grotesque
  • audio pronunciation
  • \groh-TESK\
1: fanciful, bizarre
2: absurdly incongruous
3: departing markedly from the natural, the expected, or the typical

Gargoyles with twisted faces and grotesque features leered down from the medieval cathedral.

Photo Credit: Gargoyles

"At a private event earlier this year, chef Ryan Poli sent out what looked like birds' nests filled with cracked eggs, inside of which were black particles…. These goodies were the highlight of the evening: rich, earthy, a little grotesque-looking -- and funny." -- From an article by David Hammon in Chicago Sun-Times, May 11, 2011

Bird nest
Photo Credit: Pinterest .... of course!! :)

Enjoy this week's word!

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