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I moved to Houston after college and well I was in heaven of the biggest stores you have ever seen and so many different ones that "St. Petersburg/Tampa" did not have.

I came stumbling across an invite for bloggers to come check a new store coming into the Tampa Bay area.

The Container Store!!!

The grand opening is Saturday and Sunday!
For a little lunch box and a fabulous tour (which they should offer to costumers),
I fell in love with The Container Store even more.
Did not think that was possible.

This is Elaine, our guide and Container Store guru.
She is so lovely.

Their employees are their first priorities.
You do not hear that anymore.
They have it right - if the employee is happy, the customer is happy!

This little store is packed into 25.000 square feet.
Yes you read that right, 25,000 square feet.

Man do I want to buy a new house and organize EVERYTHING!
Husband might just go crazy ;) so I will skip that for now.

As I kept forgetting that cool feature on my iphone - paranarmic,
this would of been the PERFECT time to use it.
Next time folks. Oh there will be a next time.

Some stats:
Over 55 types of trashcans - who knew ?!
Over 80 type of hangers in 200 ways - that's a bit much? maybe? Ha!
I think it was over 80 different kinds of hooks! Man that aisle was impressive.

Shoe storage.
And its other possibilites.
They are endless.

Their own design. It is AHHHmazing.
Go check it out. It will not disappoint.

The Container Store's best selling product is their Elfa Premier Storage System. 

For the brides out there:
They have a aisle dedicated to restoring your dress/garmets! 

My favorite part of the tour was the tower near the registers...
tiny little gadgets. perfect little stocking stuffers.
Check that out too.

Seasonal sales are stores nation wide, and with this opening this weekend
The Work Smart Office is the section on sale!
So many pretty file folders!!!

Another popular choice,
the little black dress that stores all your jewerly.
Clever guys. Clever.

We all were given an AMAZING goodie bag.
Wow. The best bag EVER.

What a lovely lunch and tour.
Thank you to The Container Store Tampa and Elaine and her team.
It was just lovely.
I know the store will have great success here!
Best of luck!

Will you be visiting the Grand Opening weekend
or do you wait for the crowds to settle?


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