Ultimate Life List - Check 'Em Off!

One afternoon, okay okay, MANY afternoons....
I prusue the internet world. Who doesn't? ;) 
Stumbling upon amazing pictures of travel, social events, restaurants!
So many memories of just plain ol' life itself.


I began thinking, I want to see the world.
I want to prusue my photo gallery and be in awe.
I want to have a list to check off items!
What are some things that are on my bucket list, you ask?

As I pondered this, scrolling through others photos I thought -
a bucket list is rather dark
so I will now have my 
Ultimate Life List!

Remember, I do like things to hold as well as experience
SO this list will be mixed.

Things I would love to accomplish
in this amazing life He has given me and
I will continue to check them off and add to it as I see fit.

Sound like a plan?
Hope so becuase here I go!

1. See Aurora Borealis (maybe in a heated igloo!)
2. Go to Pike's Place in Seattle
3. Run a 5k - Jog the entire thing is okay too
4. Skydive
5. See an active volcano
6. Be credit card debt free
7. Eventually be debt free (mortgage, car, school, etc.)
8. Drive a Range Rover
9. Drive the entire Route 66 - in pieces or all at once
10. Meet Ellen Degeneres & Attend her show
11. Ride in a gondola in Venice
12. Visit a physic
13. Ski the Swiss Alps
14. Visit Pompeii
15. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
16. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
17. Learn to knit
18. See a Broadway Show on Broadway
19. Sit on the Green Monster at Fenway
20. Fly 1st Class to somewhere outside the USA
21. Experience a Key West Sunset
22. Stomp grapes in a vineyard
23. Go to the top of the Space Needle
24. See Mount Rushmore
25. Visit the Hoover Dam
26. Visit Niagra Falls on the boat
27. Visit Graceland
28. Go to the Kenturky Derby and drink a mint julip
29. Visit Opryland
30. Visit Nantucket (and Martha's Vineyard)
31. Have a beer in Germany during Oktoberfest
32. See Madonna in concert
33. See the Mona Lisa in person
34. Go to the Olympics
35. Sleep under the stars
36. Take a surf lesson in Hawaii
37. Try Indian Food
38. Try Thai Food
39. Vacation to Bora Bora
40. Visit the Carribbean Islands (St. Thomas, St. Kitts. St. Croix, etc.)
41. See the Panama Canal
42. Attend Fantasy Fest
43. Go to a race at Sebring
44. Go to Nashville - Jack Daniels factory
45. Go to Dark Horse Studio in Nashville
46. Tour the Grand Canyon
47. White Water Raft in Colorado
48. Ride on a camel in Egypt
49. Go on an Alaskan Cruise
50. Participate in the Overseas Delivery - Buy a Volvo go to Sweden!
51. Go lobstering in the Keys
52. See the Pyramids
53. See Machu Picchu
54. Visit a Turkish bath
55. See a polar bear in their natural habitat (not SeaWorld)
56. Go on an African safari
57. Soak in the history at Stonehedge
58. Touch the Nile River
59. Soak in the sun at Praia das Rodas in Spain
60. See the Lantern festival in Taiwan
61. Coasteering in Pembrokeshire
62. Experience the Rio Carnival
63. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
64. Walk the Great Wall of China
65. Walk under anciet Baobab trees in Madagascar 
66. Go apple picking
67. Cut down my own christmas tree
68. Pick my own strawberries
69. Go to monkey island
70. See a sunset in Santorini
71. Dip into Iceland's Blue Lagoon
72. Go whale watching
73. The Taj.
74. See the Great Barrier Reef
75. See an opera in Sydney's Opera House

We will begin with this list! Eeek. Lots to do!!


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