I am on a journey.
A life long journey.
Taking me on a trip filled with
curves, turns, stops, yields.
You name it, it has it.

29 years in the making.
29 years of excuses.

This year. THIS year.
Is mine. And every one after too.

I am really for the challenge.
I am ready for the routine.
I am ready for the discipline.

I am ready to feel good about me. 
Inside and Out. 

This journey is not an easy one.
But it is okay to fall into temptation.
I just cannot stay there. 
I have to get back to it.

These new posts will about my journey.
How you, yes you, reading this..
will HELP me to stay motivated. 
You will be my voice in my head.
My partner in crime (the good crime).
And for that, I thank you. 

I am on a road to healthy eating. 
Recipes forthcoming (even if they are not good -
as a reminder to never make it again).
Workouts. My schedule I am following. 
Progress. Weekly, to keep myself motivated but also see results. 
Little by little.

Learn to love makeup.
The true reason for the stuff.
Learn to do my hair, not just a pony tail!
Dress to impress. Somedays will definitely be in my sweats. 
*Sorry hubs*

Sermon series to learn how to be a better me. 
Better for my husband,
my co-workers,
my friends,
my family.
And loving Him in doing so.
With time. This will come. I know it.

It's a full plate.
But I know I can do.
I know I will love who I become.
I know you will too.

Will you help me stay on my path?



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