Good 'ol Plant City

Now there is a series of questions to ask:

First, have you heard of the Florida Strawberry Festival?
Second, have you visited the Florida Strawberry Festival?
Lastly, have you first handedly made
your very own strawberry shortcake???

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A little history lesson on good 'ol Plant City
and the birth of the Florida Strawberry Festival:

The event began back in 1930 when members
of the newly organized Plant City Lions Club
conceived the idea of an event to celebrate the
bountiful harvest of strawberries.
In 1948, the American Legion Post #26
helped get the Florida Strawberry Festival
reactivated following a six-year hiatus during
and immediately following World War II.
The Lions Club and other civic organizations
have participated in the Festival ever since.

Today, the annual event has become one of the
best Festivals in the nation,
and now ranks among the Top 40 Fairs in North America.
Such a fun fact!

The Florida Strawberry Festival is a great time
to discover the charm and allure of Plant City,
and it's the perfect time to enjoy eating ripe,
luscious strawberries alongside the local berry f
armers that have worked hard to bring to them to market.

Visit for more information:

With country music stars and the royal families,
this is sure to be a show stopper!

My hubby had never been (I couldn't believe my ears!)
nor had one of my very good friend and her parents and husband.
So only thing to do -
pile everyone into the surburban
and head to Plant City to experience the festival for the day!

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We have a great time trying fair food and
walking around the vendors, s
eeing the animals waiting to be sold
and of course...

Making our very own strawberry shortcake!
That's mine above. So good.
This is my only reason I love to go. So good.
Did I mention it is So good?!

We headed back home and the ended our night with a movie
as we were full and content!

First year newbies no more!

Have you ever been to the Strawberry Festival?


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